never not reblog Scarlett calling idiots out on their bullshit


and the shitty part is that once scarlett called them out on their fucking bullshit, she automatically became coined a bitch. a bitch. for being brave enough to publicly tell them what was so annoying about a still continuing problem for women in media

"You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted best breasts.” - scarlett johansson

god i feel horrible for her. i feel horrible for every single woman in this world. and it was to the point where she decided to get breast reduction surgery for her to be taken more seriously as an actress. what the hell is wrong with everybody

and i never, ever understood the hate towards anne hathaway. new york times magazine stated “Anne Hathaway practically demands that we love her.” fucking wrong. anne never gave a shit about looking stuck up when she was out there on stage, preaching for gay rights and how wrong it is for men to constantly sexualize and put down women in the media in every single interview where a man asked the bullshit question “what diet plan did you use for your role in les mis, i bet every single girl wants to know”. she knew a backlash would come from for being so strong and forceful with her retortive statements, but they saved the people that mattered.

and another point. kristen stewart. why in the hell do people hate kristen stewart as a person. women today are expected to act pretty. nice. be respectful 24/7, never argue back, smile pretty, be a lady. don’t make rash, argumentative statements, because if you do, you are not a lady. this is a message our society tries to suffocate women with. kristen stewart will not smile for you, or act like a fuckin lady for you, because that is not her character

yet people hate her because she decides to be herself. “god kristen, you gotta smile some more, talk more ladylike”

what in the fuck for? absolutely nobody knows kristen stewart’s personality. she’s a private person. but just because she refuses to lie through her teeth to seem like a respectable, golden lady of hollywood, she’s considered a bitch. “do this or that because if you don’t you aint a lady” god fuckin damn all of you

all the wrong actresses are getting the hate. you know what really pisses me off are the actresses that just drift on by, answering all an interviewer’s fuckin condescending questions because they’re too afraid to say anything else. just walk nice, smile and say all of those stupid, feminine things you can say in order to get the most fans. at least that’s what their publicists are making them do

its really early in the morning and i cant think straight so if my rant seems messy im sorry













Lily Allen’s new song ‘Hard Out Here' owns Blurred Lines.

Except for the fact that a white singer is still using black bodies, particularly black women, as accessories and oversexualised examples. You cannot fight misogyny using racism.

Guys omfg this needs to stop, you really always have something to complain about.

Tumblr is seriously creating a generation of moralists who have nothing positive to say about anyone.

What if she had used white females? Would she have been white washing? And what if white dancers were “twerking”? Would you talk about cultural appropriation?

Please take a look at the video and notice the little man trying to tell her and the dancers what to do: he plays an important part in the video.

He is playing those people in the music industry who tell female singers that they need to be sexy and stuff to be successful, and he is also the one guiding the dancers.

He criticises her for having the body of a mother of two, he tells the dancers how to move their ass, and also tells her what expressions to make while cleaning the wheel rim.

Listen to the words. They’re fucking good.

#no one is exploiting those black women EXCEPT FOR THE GUY WHO REPRESENTS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY

Why would you even try and prove a point by discrediting another relevant point. Lily Allen didn’t have to use all black women she could have used women of all colors and sizes, especially if she’s proving a feminist point. YES! If the white women were twerking that would have been cultural appropriation deal with it, and quit trying to talk over WoC when they point out problems in white feminism and the lack of intersectionality.





There are white women dancing and being expoited just like black women and there are women of all sizes in the video did you ACTUALLY WATCH IT??? The white girls aren’t even twerking so there is NO CULTURAL APPROPRIATION


I don’t know what else this video could have done, really

you guys are impossible

Holy fuck thank god I’m not the only sane person on this site.

btw, Lilly Allen herself responded to this bullshit

Look if the singer herself tells you to shut the fuck up, do it. “Tumblr is seriously creating a generation of moralists who have nothing positive to say about anyone.” is literally my favourite fucking quote.